Protecting Venezuela: Russia and China step up

It is no secret that the United States of America has a history of overthrowing democratically elected governments and replacing them with dictators who serve U.S interests. This colonial mentality is the mentality of Empire and is disgusting. The coup that is being done in Venezuela hasn’t been easy though, due to the support of enemies of the United States. China and Russia, both stepped up in order to parry United States interests in South America. Both have their interests to protect and it isn’t through altruism that they act. Russia is protecting their long term ally, and they are connected through a mutual relationship based on oil. Venezuela and Russia are also both targets of United States sanctions. Russia is helping shield its ally from the attempts of the United States to steal the resources from Venezuela. China is also interested because they are now the biggest oil purchasers from both Iran and Venezuela. Both of these countries are in the cross hairs of neoconservative warmongers John Bolton and Mike Pompeo.

China’s choice in this, is far more important, in my opinion. China has an extremely powerful economy and they are the most likely candidate for the next world superpower. China is extremely capitalist and extremely authoritarian. China, however, also does not appreciate the United States efforts to cut them out of trade agreements and the like. China also, correctly, acknowledges the value of aggressively parrying any attempt of regime change by the United States if it will effect them negatively. I say a powerful alliance that is antagonistic to the United States is a good thing. I don’t want war but I also think that the United States only picks on countries that cannot challenge them militarily. Trying to declare war on China or Russia is a completely different animal than declaring war on Iraq or even Iran. I support peace and cooperation and I think humbling the United States whenever possible is the only way to challenge empires.

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