Refuting Reactionary Rhetoric: Ben Shapiro Round 1

Ben Shapiro’s rules for debating leftists   The first thing may seem small and inconsequential, but this book is only 40 pages. Ben Shapiro is supposed to be a champion debater but his tips are mere sophistry and straw men tactics. But this isn’t to say that he doesn’t understand debates. In this book he is very clear that it doesn’t matter what your opponent thinks and that debate isn’t about changing your opponents mind but is about convincing the audience. This is quite amusing as when people moan about the lack of civility when dealing with opponents who disagree … Continue reading Refuting Reactionary Rhetoric: Ben Shapiro Round 1

Freedom for whom

I just wrote a quick blog post on the ideas of negative freedom and positive freedom. But a far simpler way of describing these differences is asking who is it that we want freedom for. Now, both left and right will say they want everyone to be free. However, both think the other side doesn’t want freedom. So the question freedom for whom is important. The right believes that the current system of hierarchy and class structures/ societal structures are inherently correct or were correct before today. They believe that any change in that is removing freedom. This of course … Continue reading Freedom for whom

Not mere disagreement: left vs right

Often people are sad that discourse in politics is very heated and often uncivil. Honestly, I don’t know what people expect. Centrists often confuse policy disagreements with mere disagreements over opinions. They think it is as simple as not having the same flavor of ice cream or favorite football team. However, the real differences between right and left are not just mere disagreements. The left and right have value differences and different moral codes. This doesn’t mean you can’t get along people with different value systems at all, but when it comes to things that are intrinsically important to you … Continue reading Not mere disagreement: left vs right

San Diego and Right Wing extremism

There was another terrorist attack by a right wing extremist in San Diego. Right wing extremists are far more common in the United States than any left wing violence and Islamic terrorist attacks. Right wing Christians created the Dominionist sect of Christianity and helped justify empire. Left wing ideas do not easily support terrorist violence. Property damage is often classified as terrorism in the United States and I would argue destruction of property is wrong but not nearly as wrong as terrorizing people. Right wingers terrorize minority groups in many ways and make their lives miserable if they aren’t advocating … Continue reading San Diego and Right Wing extremism

Political Correctness is a dumb concept

Political correctness is such a dumb thing to be so enflamed by. Often, it is brought up to defend people’s right to say offensive things and discuss discredited and disgusting ideas without feeling bad for it. They expect to not receive any sort of backlash for horrible ideas and actions and use the supposed liberal love for openness to other points of view to defend truly horrific people. Freedom of speech is not freedom from societal responses to your speech and actions. Being in a society often means that you are not free from other people’s opinions and judgement. Sorry … Continue reading Political Correctness is a dumb concept

Why Capitalism must go Pt 1

In the West currently, there is a great dissatisfaction with ruling elites and their government representatives. The erosion of living standards, the continuation of unjust wars and the crises of other problems that can be solved by aren’t being solved, are some of the biggest problems around. However, the biggest danger is most likely climate change, which will cause extinction, mass immigration and collapses in entire communities. This isn’t even mentioning the likelihood of mass human death and even, extinction. If plant growth is significantly reduced this will have a negative effect on total food stores and the lack of … Continue reading Why Capitalism must go Pt 1

Prospects for a better society

      I felt very miffed when I heard about the arrest of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy. The disgusting persecution of journalists who divulge war crimes is something that makes me deeply uneasy. There are a lot of things that gets my anger flowing freely these days but none more than brazen lying. The idea that the United States is a democracy or even that we have human rights as one of our values, is enraging to me. How dare those of us who make it impossible for most of the world to live fulfilling lives say … Continue reading Prospects for a better society

Protecting Venezuela: Russia and China step up

It is no secret that the United States of America has a history of overthrowing democratically elected governments and replacing them with dictators who serve U.S interests. This colonial mentality is the mentality of Empire and is disgusting. The coup that is being done in Venezuela hasn’t been easy though, due to the support of enemies of the United States. China and Russia, both stepped up in order to parry United States interests in South America. Both have their interests to protect and it isn’t through altruism that they act. Russia is protecting their long term ally, and they are … Continue reading Protecting Venezuela: Russia and China step up

Us: social commentary?

Us(2019) is a great new film that premiered last weekend. The main crux is that people have human doubles (called the tethered) that live underground and are literally forced to do whatever the original person is doing at all times. It is never explained how this has happened and this is all for the better. However, could there be social commentary hidden under this premise that arguably has some similarities to older horror films. The Day of the Dead comparisons are apt, considering the apocalyptic nature of the movie but at the same time, the specifics of the doppleganger’s plans … Continue reading Us: social commentary?

The Mueller report finale

I told you so… There was no conspiratorial collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. It was a witch hunt that caused some convictions and some problems for Trump’s businesses. Trump is a criminal and I welcome these prosecutions. I believe every billionaire needs to be given this scrutiny and not be allowed to steal from the taxpayers of this country. That is what being a good businessman or women means. IT means having socialism for the rich and free market extreme for everyone else. Socialism isn’t when the government does stuff, but it is pretty disgusting how … Continue reading The Mueller report finale

The right and the left and the folly of centrism

We have never been so divided as we are now. I know we all hear that ad nauseam at this point. The hysterics over arguments and sometimes, downright dislike of each other’s ideas and beliefs, tends to happen quite a bit. For most of my teenage to adult life, the Republican party has been the epitome of lying, racist, disgusting ideas and people. It was the party of bullies and psychopaths. Now, let me be clear, some Republican voters are not this and I would argue that it has only gotten worse because of the right wing’s ability to create … Continue reading The right and the left and the folly of centrism

Us movie review

I loved Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out. I admire his ability to write, direct and produce excellent movies that keep me entertained all the way through. I didn’t even know this movie was another one of his until I got to the theater as I hadn’t seen any trailers and was going with a friend. I got really excited when I saw who directed it. I rarely go to see horror movies with friends to the theater because many of my friends don’t really care for it. I really liked this movie. I have to say I wasn’t really … Continue reading Us movie review