Masculinity in the age of incel

I am a single nearly 30 year old man who has yet to figure out everything I need to about how to get by in the world. Seeing my friends get married and have children can sometimes be happy and sad at the same time. I think that sometimes we put unrealistic expectations and timetables on ourselves and can be our own worst critics. I always had difficulty making friends and would always be more concerned about my social life than academic work in school. But there was no reason I couldn’t do both. I had difficult doing two things … Continue reading Masculinity in the age of incel

Reframing and Morality

Often, the most frustrating thing about arguing politics with people is the fact that often the argument comes down to a disagreement over core values and notions of morality. Strip away policy disagreements and the role of governments and you have a bare bones moral combat going on. Nobody likes to feel like they are being attacked as people. But even if you aren’t attacking the person, doesn’t mean a person cannot feel attacked. It is important to understand that a person’s morality and values are what gets them to the polls. Policy is super important but it is secondary. … Continue reading Reframing and Morality

You matter

I don’t know you but I don’t need to. You matter No matter how many times you fuck up You matter In your darkest hour, You Matter When you are on the top of the world You matter When you feel alone You Matter When you are lying alone You matter I want you to know that you never alone. For those who struggle with anxiety and who toil under the weight of depression. Mental health issues are not your fault. I have struggled and so have you. We are human, you and I. Be kinder to yourself and remember … Continue reading You matter

Communicating our values part 1-3

More recently, I have understood something about myself and about current discourse that I really want to discuss. Group dynamics and how people communicate are important ideas to me, not just for myself, but for the world at large. The more ways to communicate we have, the less we seem to understand one another. It is quite remarkable how, in my lifetime, I have seen both pre internet and the internet era and how different that is. But this isn’t about digital communication for me. This is about reaching people and actually communicating. Communicating doesn’t just involve being able to … Continue reading Communicating our values part 1-3

Thesis Inspiration part 1-2

The longer I’ve been out of college the longer I have had time to wish I hadn’t lost a copy of my thesis paper. I really wanted to expand on it because I felt excited about it and felt that not only would it be helpful for others, it would help me. Call me selfish if you want, but part of the inspiration was trying to understand what made me tick more. However, to connect with others effectively, I am a strong believer in understanding yourself at some level. First of all, the basic idea behind my thesis was that, … Continue reading Thesis Inspiration part 1-2

Media Medium Analysis part 1-2

  No this isn’t the MMA you are looking for -Spock probably, in Mordor.   Talk about a fun title!! Now in case the title was too vague, which it probably was, I will now explain what I mean by it. Over the history of storytelling, there have been many forms of presenting stories to prospective people, and they have been told in so many different ways. Today we probably think of the different forms of media as written, spoken, visual and combinations of such. However, it gets way more specific when we speak of comics versus novels or TV … Continue reading Media Medium Analysis part 1-2

Muertos Update

Recently, I have gotten more views on my blog than I had any reason to expect. I am very glad that some people have read my stuff and especially if they liked it. Again I am open to any constructive criticism or feedback you have. You can comment on the blog or email me. The email is in the about me section of the blog. So, in case you didn’t know, Dias de los Muertos is meant to be a series of short stories dealing with modern issues with a horror spin. Each day of the week will be a … Continue reading Muertos Update

Part 2 Media Medium Analysis

No this isn’t the MMA you are looking for- Spock probably, in Mordor.   Now this analysis will jump around quite a bit but the central ideas that animated it will remain intact. Basically¬† I want to help people understand why the different ways of telling stories do have fundamental differences that make the transition between them dodgy at best. The structure and method of conveying the story change and therefore you can expect the story to be adapted to best fit the new medium. The most famous truism of book lovers is that the book is always better than … Continue reading Part 2 Media Medium Analysis

Part 3: The Right Wing

Much of the problems of discourse I believe comes from a fundamental misunderstanding between the right and left. However, I do believe the right understands the left and the center much better than the left understands the right. I say this while there is a plethora of literature critiquing and chronicling the rise of the right since the 70’s. There is so much information out there and it is comforting to the liberal sensibilities and to those who seek to understand their opponents. However, the answer as the core of the misunderstanding is possibly the most simple out of all. … Continue reading Part 3: The Right Wing

Leftist Strategy

One of the oldest strategies in warfare is divide and conquer. Why has this infamous strategy worked so many times despite being so well known? Well because human beings are fairly easy to divide on things that are important to them. You can divide people by denying them what they need to live. You can divide people by somehow convincing two allies that there is a reason that one side cannot trust the other. It is so easy to do if you have the reach and the ability. It is also the best long term strategy to cause your opponent … Continue reading Leftist Strategy

Social Media and Censorship

One of the current major concerns of the day is the advent of social media as a new and very influential 4th estate. The ability to communicate and share information with people from all over is extremely useful but it is also dangerous. The new proliferation of the internet has been a double edged sword in many ways. One on hand, the amount of information available is amazing and allows people to be educated and learn more than ever before. It also means that it is harder to lie on the public record because information can be shared much faster … Continue reading Social Media and Censorship

Shade’s Reading Recommendations

  This book is very good and is worth a read if you want to learn more about the development of Capitalism but this next book is a must read for the same reason. This book is the best book I have ever read about Capitalism. It turns even the grand Karl Polanyi’s great work on its head. However, it is worth reading for the care it takes to both understand the mind of the 19th century Classical liberal and the Marxian perspective and its flaws. This is a must read if you want to understand more the reasons why, … Continue reading Shade’s Reading Recommendations