Joker Face

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Sometimes you have to acknowledge how hypocritical and imperfect you are. I am sometimes things that I hate and at other times I love parts of who I am. Humans are not perfect and the joy of laughing at yourself is a release like no other. Imagine that when you laugh at yourself that it is from the best point of view ever: the loving cutting tone of your closest family. Parody is the apotheosis of this. Parody says, I love you (insert type of work here) but damn are you stupid and … Continue reading Joker Face

Personal Journey

Personal Journey This time I would like to spend time connecting with the reader in a real way. I would first like to speak a little bit about myself. I am a very sensitive dude and am also a straight white male. In many ways I am very privelaged and have had advantages that others don’t have, many of which I will never be conscious of at the time. I am also socially awkward and anxious. I have been both bullied and bully. I have been hurt and hurt others. I have loved and hated. In short, I am a … Continue reading Personal Journey

Why it’s okay to be wrong

I have spent a lot of time worrying and obsessing over how I can contribute in the progressive media to make a difference in my community and country. However, as is normal, I didn’t do it for completely altruistic reasons. I am not perfect and I think that using this as a means of acceptance or to gain some sense of recognition is the wrong way to go. I still have a lot of living and learning to do. I was wrong to assume that I could inch my way into being a someone on Youtube when I wasn’t going … Continue reading Why it’s okay to be wrong

A Dragon Never Wavers

To woe thou whisks thyself Perchance to wallow in sadness dark glow. To hide from sunshine evermore. Why do thou seek that glow? Adversity’s fangs grow ever near, so what is there left to fear? Hero’s might shall bring the light! The will of dragons never waver! From primordial fire the Phoenix rises. The song bright and awe inspiring. Mocking those for whom wish thou harm. Go forth to fight once more young one. For a dragon never wavers Continue reading A Dragon Never Wavers

Disheartening and Uplifting

Today was both disheartening and uplifting. I went to a march against the border wall and the imminent Muslim ban. I hear that there are many more protests taking place at major airports all across the United States. The first week of the Trump regime has been very scary in how fast the executive orders keep coming out. It is frankly, alarming how much bad news can be crammed into one week. But he was met by resistance by the people of the United States. While the corporate Democrats try to play nice and be the bigger people, the people … Continue reading Disheartening and Uplifting

Introducing myself

Hi this is my introduction to all of those who are in my group and for those who are reading this blog from the outside. I am Sam and I united the team that currently goes by the name of the Phoenix Party. The symbolism should be obvious to most who are well read but even if you aren’t well read I think that it can serve as a rallying cry. The Phoenix is a remarkable fictional creature that is reborn from the ashes whenever it dies. It dies in a spectacular way, by bursting into flame. The song is … Continue reading Introducing myself