Murica the Bootiful

Murica the bootiful Man does this country piss me off sometimes!! To be frank this post has been a long time coming as I have needed to let off some steam for quite a while. A great deal has happened since the last time I wrote and I feel like it is super important to talk about it in written form. Regardless if anyone reads this, I feel it is important so that I do not go completely insane as the world gets crazier every day. Herr Orange has continued to antagonize establishment journalists for the wrong reasons, like being … Continue reading Murica the Bootiful


As a person who has struggled with mental health issues and as a a straight man who doesn’t identify with the societal expectations of masculinity, I have been very conflicted lately. I personally value science, enlightenment era values, free speech, and equality. But it seems to me that too many people believe that equality is not rational. Getting along with other people and or any form of collective identity or action is irrational. Emotions and morality are not rational. But what does that even mean? I am not a perfect person and nobody is as far as I am concerned. … Continue reading Rationalism

No valor in trololol

I am so proud to be an agnostic atheist, straight, CIS white male who currently lives in basement. In fact I am so proud I think I deserve the world. Now if you took that seriously, sorry, but no. I am definitely not proud to be white or straight or male. I had no control over any of that nor would I choose to be anything else. There is no level of pride to had from, well just being me. This doesn’t mean I don’t think I have any value, but it just means that my value has nothing to … Continue reading No valor in trololol

Dias De Muertos: Martes pt 1

Dias De Muertos Martes Part 1 November 11th 2042 The rain started yesterday and it won’t stop. The rain was abnormal and if you had asked me before what I found abnormal about it I wouldn’t have been able to answer you. Only after a day later can I adequately answer it. It was braquish in color and looked extremely dirty. Luckily for me I hadn’t been scheduled for work so I was able to watch it and stay dry. Despite the torrent it was a strangely silent rain. No other sounds that you would normally hear in a city … Continue reading Dias De Muertos: Martes pt 1