New Zealand terror attack

I learned this morning that 49 people were gunned down in a mosque in New Zealand by a right wing extremist. Of course, we are immediately told not to politicize this by the right wing extremists. I say fuck them with a plastic shiv. I know my language is harsh but I am seriously tired of the right wing being treated with kid gloves when they are actually killing people and ruining people’s lives. As much as they bitch and moan about how the left or the Marxists run everything, they have all the power and none of the intellectual … Continue reading New Zealand terror attack

Social Democracy vs Socialism

I am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders and he is my ideal candidate to face Donald Trump in the 2020 election. This time he seems to have way more of a chance to clear the hurdle that is most problematic for him: the Democratic primary. Due to tomfoolery, he lost the 2016 primary to Hillary Clinton but was able to get his message out to millions of people. It is unclear whether or not he was in it to win it, some feel that he acknowledged his intention to go all out in his campaign launch this time. This … Continue reading Social Democracy vs Socialism

Viva Venezuela: Against coup

It makes me so angry to see the war criminal Elliot Abrams working to overthrow Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. This man has a history of war crimes in Latin America and the gall of any media organization or any politician to claim to be for democracy and human rights and to want to oust Maduro is disgusting. It doesn’t surprise me at all but it still gets me so angry. It is also why the Russia hysteria annoys me so much. Do the politicians and elites believe they are immune from nuclear fallout of bombing? It feels like they are … Continue reading Viva Venezuela: Against coup

Americans don’t understand war

I am an American and I admit that I probably will never understand war until it comes to my doorstep. Most Americans have lived their lives with no wars or a war being fought across entire oceans on another continent. We rarely see the horror of wars unless we are personally fighting there. I am reminded of the problem this creates because it makes the decision to go to war so much less serious than it should be. I remind my reader here that the last war on North American soil was the Civil War. In the Civil War, the … Continue reading Americans don’t understand war

Donkey Kong and Lefties

I am so jealous that Hbomberguy and Ash Sakar got to do an interview together. These two are some of favorite people and I admit I am super jealous they got to hang out. I feel these two people are important messengers for the message of the true left. Hbomberguy is one of the best Youtube personalities out there. I discovered him when I was starting to get sick and tired of the Sargon of Akkads and people who seemed to rant about social justice warriors too much. Even when I was a supporter of people like TJ Kirk (The … Continue reading Donkey Kong and Lefties

Hope and Hell

This is a rant that I gave a generic title to so that I might have the freedom to go on whatever tangents I feel I need to in this post. I feel that my writing flows better when I don’t try to organize too much and this is something I still am working on in regards to my dream of becoming a better writer. I believe my greatest weakness, writing wise, is that I rush and cannot channel my thoughts and ideas effectively. Here is a good example of this. When I was in middle school I went to … Continue reading Hope and Hell

Democracy’s enemies

Did you know that Democracy was actually intended to be a slur? In Ancient Greece the word was used as a derisive slight against the perceived threat to order that the desires of multitudes of individuals brought to the table. I have been to Athens and I have been to a hill that served as the meeting place for councils in which every Greek citizen was able to raise their concerns. This must have been hell. Yes after all if everyone wants something different, of course that might create a bit of chaos. See, the powerful see the real struggle … Continue reading Democracy’s enemies

PayGo and the infuriating Third Way

Once again the corporate Democrats have stabbed the constituents of the supposed left wing party in the back. Paygo is a way of limiting the raising of taxes in order to fund government spending. It doesn’t matter that we never have to worry about the amount when it comes to spending money on killing people or giving the wealthiest people in the world tax cuts. Apparently morality is only for the poor and powerless. The fact that the new House majority would handicap themselves and turn against their own base is hardly surprising. New House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi is … Continue reading PayGo and the infuriating Third Way

A case for moral politics

When it comes to public policy, often there is a misunderstanding about what drives people to come to the polls. I think that the main reason it is so easy for the right to deceive so many people is that they intrinsically understand the psychology of their side. They also understand that morality trumps fact-based policy making. The ability to tell a good story, to sell your moral vision to your constituents, is the primary motivation for getting your side to turn out. The current Democratic Party in the United States gave up creating a moral vision and decided to … Continue reading A case for moral politics

2020 Primaries will hurt my soul

Ugh, so there is already the horrid beginnings of the next electoral cycle in the wind and while the extremists control government, the corporate puppets are already trying to make sure the only options are terrible. In my opinion, there is no choice but Bernie Sanders. He would have won in 2016 and he has massive name recognition. He has years and years of experience and has been very consistently pro-worker. He is the only person in government who has shown through his actions, that he is for us, the people. He eliminates all of the strengths Trump might have … Continue reading 2020 Primaries will hurt my soul

Social Democracy: A critique

Franklin Delanore Roosevelt’s New Deal was arguably one of the most important pieces of legislation ever put forth by any President. It is seen as the crowning acheivement of the left in the United States. The New Deal was essentially using government to regulate the market and subsidize new jobs in order to stimulate the economy. This type of economics was called Keynesian economics, or demand side economics. The central idea was that if the consumer wasn’t able to increase demand due to lack of spending power, everyone loses. Capitalism requires consumption and constant growth. Profit is the central idea … Continue reading Social Democracy: A critique

Shade Rants: Jordan B Peterson: World’s worst psychologist

I really despise people who use the field of psychology for ulterior motives. Jordan B. Peterson is a great example of someone who does this. Now many people who are experts in fields, attempt to comment on politics in relation to a different field. This rarely changes the fact that their actual expertise in the field they have in career in is genuine. However, with Jordan B. Peterson, I feel especially strongly that he is a charlatan. I truly believe he has experience in the field and is able to help his clients. However, he is cynical and is a … Continue reading Shade Rants: Jordan B Peterson: World’s worst psychologist