The National Anthem is dumb

The sheer delusional devotion to the National anthem and to the pledge of allegiance is very frustrating to me. Why the hell does it matter so much to people? Most people don’t believe in everything their country does in their name. They certainly hate paying taxes. So what the hell is all this about? It is about posturing and making themselves feel better. It gets them some sort of posturing as ethical people. But what is so good about blind nationalism or patriotism? What exactly is so purely good about it? Does any country on earth have a purely good … Continue reading The National Anthem is dumb

Shade Rants: Trigger Warnings

I hear a lot of people bemoaning the shutting down of speech or the epidemic of people getting overly offended over nothing. I’ve been to college and I’ve been a lefty for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew much about politics  I never was as concerned about the plight of conservative thought on campus or the epidemic of social justice warriors. I always was quite hostile to the argument, as it seemed to not only be dishonest but was an excuse to be rude. Free speech is often an excuse to be able to voice your … Continue reading Shade Rants: Trigger Warnings

Thesis Inspiration Part 3

I would like to summarize so far what I admire about the people whom I have discussed so far and what that might tell me about myself, if I was the client. I admire the resolve and courage of Severus Snape. I recognize the flaws and how difficult his life was and even part of me still dislikes him. But he was the kind of teacher you don’t want but the kind of teacher you need. He taught me things regardless of whether I wanted it. He taught me that sometimes, we don’t get what we want or what we … Continue reading Thesis Inspiration Part 3

Screw Civility

The recent New York Times op ed from an anonymous Trump supporter has infuriated the White House and created speculation about who it was. It was little more than a self-congratulatory screed on how they were there to ensure Trump was kept in check. I agree with the Intercept’s Medhi Hassan, Fuck civility. Civility is often the last refuge of scoundrels from the most awful actions and policies they have made. Corporations are experts in dodging responsibility which is why they have public relations training. Civility is only appropriate if everyone is being treated fairly. Civility is only for people … Continue reading Screw Civility

The Ban Hammer

Alex Jones was officially given the permanent ban on Twitter and I couldn’t be happier. I know many leftists are probably questioning me now on my integrity. After all, if they can ban him, can’t they ban my favorite outlets? Yes and they have always been able to do this. It doesn’t make it right or fair. I don’t enjoy using corporate power to take down crazy people but if nothing else, using the advertisers is the one democratic means we have to fight back. Advertisers decided who is able to have a platform. Some are propped up by conservative … Continue reading The Ban Hammer

Primal Fear: Losing Platforms

I have written a lot on here about free speech and the issues with platforming and now I will bring it full circle to something far more subjective and theoretical. For the record  I believe these things to be objectively true before we start: Platforms are useful because getting important information out there sometimes requires a trustworthy source with a long reach. People who are public speakers and newspeople do rely on this for a living so advertisers are a major factor The amount of money available to conservative speakers is far greater than for actual leftists. After the repeal … Continue reading Primal Fear: Losing Platforms

Author’s thoughts

Hey fam, this is your author Shade here reflecting on my first major short story I’ve completed on here. The Dias de los Muertos series of short stories is something I’ve been dreaming up for a while but this first story is very spicy. In the world today, the crisis facing young men is quite staggering. However, many do not take a path that I personally would. The success of right wing crazies around the world is partially due to alienation and the inability of young men to make their way in the world. I sympathize as, I too have … Continue reading Author’s thoughts

Masculinity in the age of incel

I am a single nearly 30 year old man who has yet to figure out everything I need to about how to get by in the world. Seeing my friends get married and have children can sometimes be happy and sad at the same time. I think that sometimes we put unrealistic expectations and timetables on ourselves and can be our own worst critics. I always had difficulty making friends and would always be more concerned about my social life than academic work in school. But there was no reason I couldn’t do both. I had difficult doing two things … Continue reading Masculinity in the age of incel

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado (Complete)

  I am writing this in order to warn anybody who will listen. I know people will automatically assume I am a cuck or that I am someone who has turned my back on what makes the red pill community what it is but I don’t care. Even if there is only the slightest chance someone might heed this warning, it is necessary. I find it ironic that for all of my bluster and anger it took me until my life was in danger to figure out my mistakes. Like you all, I was a member of the red pill … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado (Complete)

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado finale

The library in my dream was even colder this time, if that is possible. This time the masked figure was waiting for me. I didn’t even try to escape this time. The figure gestured at me and I felt magnetically attracted to following it. We winded down corridors and eventually found ourselves in a massive chamber. It had a stained glass sealing with hieroglyphs and runes. It was almost comical, because they really didn’t mixed well. The walls also had carvings of chickens with multiple beaks. The word cuck was inscribed in the wall. The masked figure sniggered derisively. I … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado finale

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 6

The week afterwards was the longest week of my life. Every night I would return to that labyrinth of a library. Each time the masked figure would chase me and corner me. Every time the icy horror would seize me and I would run regardless of the fact that I actively knew I couldn’t escape. Every night eh library would have new corridors and would even have special rooms. Sometimes I would see people in the rooms having horrible things happening to them. The most common was Kristina, being assaulted by the masked figure. I would always look away and … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 6