Us: social commentary?

Us(2019) is a great new film that premiered last weekend. The main crux is that people have human doubles (called the tethered) that live underground and are literally forced to do whatever the original person is doing at all times. It is never explained how this has happened and this is all for the better. However, could there be social commentary hidden under this premise that arguably has some similarities to older horror films. The Day of the Dead comparisons are apt, considering the apocalyptic nature of the movie but at the same time, the specifics of the doppleganger’s plans … Continue reading Us: social commentary?

The Mueller report finale

I told you so… There was no conspiratorial collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. It was a witch hunt that caused some convictions and some problems for Trump’s businesses. Trump is a criminal and I welcome these prosecutions. I believe every billionaire needs to be given this scrutiny and not be allowed to steal from the taxpayers of this country. That is what being a good businessman or women means. IT means having socialism for the rich and free market extreme for everyone else. Socialism isn’t when the government does stuff, but it is pretty disgusting how … Continue reading The Mueller report finale

The right and the left and the folly of centrism

We have never been so divided as we are now. I know we all hear that ad nauseam at this point. The hysterics over arguments and sometimes, downright dislike of each other’s ideas and beliefs, tends to happen quite a bit. For most of my teenage to adult life, the Republican party has been the epitome of lying, racist, disgusting ideas and people. It was the party of bullies and psychopaths. Now, let me be clear, some Republican voters are not this and I would argue that it has only gotten worse because of the right wing’s ability to create … Continue reading The right and the left and the folly of centrism

Us movie review

I loved Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out. I admire his ability to write, direct and produce excellent movies that keep me entertained all the way through. I didn’t even know this movie was another one of his until I got to the theater as I hadn’t seen any trailers and was going with a friend. I got really excited when I saw who directed it. I rarely go to see horror movies with friends to the theater because many of my friends don’t really care for it. I really liked this movie. I have to say I wasn’t really … Continue reading Us movie review

New Zealand terror attack

I learned this morning that 49 people were gunned down in a mosque in New Zealand by a right wing extremist. Of course, we are immediately told not to politicize this by the right wing extremists. I say fuck them with a plastic shiv. I know my language is harsh but I am seriously tired of the right wing being treated with kid gloves when they are actually killing people and ruining people’s lives. As much as they bitch and moan about how the left or the Marxists run everything, they have all the power and none of the intellectual … Continue reading New Zealand terror attack

Social Democracy vs Socialism

I am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders and he is my ideal candidate to face Donald Trump in the 2020 election. This time he seems to have way more of a chance to clear the hurdle that is most problematic for him: the Democratic primary. Due to tomfoolery, he lost the 2016 primary to Hillary Clinton but was able to get his message out to millions of people. It is unclear whether or not he was in it to win it, some feel that he acknowledged his intention to go all out in his campaign launch this time. This … Continue reading Social Democracy vs Socialism

Viva Venezuela: Against coup

It makes me so angry to see the war criminal Elliot Abrams working to overthrow Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. This man has a history of war crimes in Latin America and the gall of any media organization or any politician to claim to be for democracy and human rights and to want to oust Maduro is disgusting. It doesn’t surprise me at all but it still gets me so angry. It is also why the Russia hysteria annoys me so much. Do the politicians and elites believe they are immune from nuclear fallout of bombing? It feels like they are … Continue reading Viva Venezuela: Against coup

Kingdom Hearts Retrospective: Pt 1

I just finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and am feeling so many complicated feelings. I am happy to finally get the 3rd installment I have been waiting for most of my adult life for. I remember playing the first game significantly after it came out due to not having a ps2 till later. I was able to buy the second game at launch and liked it a lot. Looking back on all the games I’ve played I realized that I have a lot to say and want to write. So here it goes, a part review and part retrospective of every … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Retrospective: Pt 1

2019 and hiatus

Hello reader and subscribers. Thank you for your time if you have been reading my posts in the past and if you are interested in starting I am humbled by your generosity. I have been off my writing schedule for quite a while and still have many writing projects I would like to finish on here. Here are a few things you can look forward to on here in the following year: Dias De Los Muertos: finish Martes and a full new story. Social Democracy and Socialism Democratic Primaries and the rage Phoenix Wright Retrospective Kingdom Hearts Retrospective Theme and … Continue reading 2019 and hiatus

Americans don’t understand war

I am an American and I admit that I probably will never understand war until it comes to my doorstep. Most Americans have lived their lives with no wars or a war being fought across entire oceans on another continent. We rarely see the horror of wars unless we are personally fighting there. I am reminded of the problem this creates because it makes the decision to go to war so much less serious than it should be. I remind my reader here that the last war on North American soil was the Civil War. In the Civil War, the … Continue reading Americans don’t understand war

Donkey Kong and Lefties

I am so jealous that Hbomberguy and Ash Sakar got to do an interview together. These two are some of favorite people and I admit I am super jealous they got to hang out. I feel these two people are important messengers for the message of the true left. Hbomberguy is one of the best Youtube personalities out there. I discovered him when I was starting to get sick and tired of the Sargon of Akkads and people who seemed to rant about social justice warriors too much. Even when I was a supporter of people like TJ Kirk (The … Continue reading Donkey Kong and Lefties

Hope and Hell

This is a rant that I gave a generic title to so that I might have the freedom to go on whatever tangents I feel I need to in this post. I feel that my writing flows better when I don’t try to organize too much and this is something I still am working on in regards to my dream of becoming a better writer. I believe my greatest weakness, writing wise, is that I rush and cannot channel my thoughts and ideas effectively. Here is a good example of this. When I was in middle school I went to … Continue reading Hope and Hell