Aquaman Review: Unda the sea badadadada

Aquaman was a pleasant surprise. It was the first good DC theatrical release that I saw in years, that was engaging and fun. Imagine Black Panther meets Asgard underwater. I know it seems cliche but the comparisons between Aquaman and the Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther are really there. All involve a prince learning whether or not he is a worthy king. All three have fantastic arena/ collisseum fights. And all three are good movies. Please do not misunderstand me. I feel that the two MCU entries are overall fun films and I think they are slightly better. However, I … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Unda the sea badadadada

Infinity War and The Last Jedi

I just finished watching a review by one of the movie critics I most enjoy on why he felt mixed about Infinity War. I was baffled at first because he was one of the people I went to because they were in general, a happy movie reviewer. On Youtube, there is a lot of mileage for the disgruntled angry reviewer who is comedic and rips into our favorite movies and video games. It is fun but in the current world I do enjoy watching reviews that help soothe me by being positive. I think that the balance is important. I … Continue reading Infinity War and The Last Jedi

Fanbases and Fandom

It is a ton of fun to watch videos and read content lampooning things you enjoy. It is fun delving deeper into these franchises that you enjoy very much. But whenever you seek to expand a franchise or adapt it into a different era or format, the intent is partially important. I think many other content creators across many platforms have said this better than I have but I feel that it is worth saying. I believe that Marvel’s success with their Marvel Cinematic Universe is largely about treating the characters and stories with both respect and love. In other … Continue reading Fanbases and Fandom