Social Democracy: A critique

Franklin Delanore Roosevelt’s New Deal was arguably one of the most important pieces of legislation ever put forth by any President. It is seen as the crowning acheivement of the left in the United States. The New Deal was essentially using government to regulate the market and subsidize new jobs in order to stimulate the economy. This type of economics was called Keynesian economics, or demand side economics. The central idea was that if the consumer wasn’t able to increase demand due to lack of spending power, everyone loses. Capitalism requires consumption and constant growth. Profit is the central idea … Continue reading Social Democracy: A critique

Confrontation and Division in politics

Often there are two conflicting instincts we see portrayed by the media and the monied interests who stand in the way of good policy. One is the sacrosanct belief in open debate and being cordial when discussing important ideas. The other is the very real need for actual conflict and confrontation to actually move policy forward. The myth of full unity in a country is, very seductive but it is still a myth. The idea that everyone in a country can believe the same things are be united under a culture, religious, educational, and moral background is very silly. This … Continue reading Confrontation and Division in politics

Culture Wars???

Before I begin I would like to give a shout out to Benjamin Dixon and Anoa Changa who are both excellent voices in these tumultuous times. Both have inspired me and you should totally subscribe to their Youtube channels and podcasts.¬† Culture wars will have a different impact on you depending on your ideology. If you are right leaning it is a desperate fight to bring back American culture and religious life to what you imagine the 1950’s were like. For those who are more left it is a defense for all the hard fought civil rights earned for marginilized … Continue reading Culture Wars???

Communicating is tough!!

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately is how hard it is to communicate complex ideas in a simple way. The most difficult thing about politics and about communicating with other people about morals, is that sometimes, we are unable to get across what we’d like to. Policy and the world it is made in, are rarely simplistic and are often more complicated than most people realize or understand. The easiest way people find to get around this is to judge the character of people before trusting them to do policy. This is why politics … Continue reading Communicating is tough!!

Shade Rants: Trigger Warnings

I hear a lot of people bemoaning the shutting down of speech or the epidemic of people getting overly offended over nothing. I’ve been to college and I’ve been a lefty for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew much about politics¬† I never was as concerned about the plight of conservative thought on campus or the epidemic of social justice warriors. I always was quite hostile to the argument, as it seemed to not only be dishonest but was an excuse to be rude. Free speech is often an excuse to be able to voice your … Continue reading Shade Rants: Trigger Warnings

Reframing and Morality

Often, the most frustrating thing about arguing politics with people is the fact that often the argument comes down to a disagreement over core values and notions of morality. Strip away policy disagreements and the role of governments and you have a bare bones moral combat going on. Nobody likes to feel like they are being attacked as people. But even if you aren’t attacking the person, doesn’t mean a person cannot feel attacked. It is important to understand that a person’s morality and values are what gets them to the polls. Policy is super important but it is secondary. … Continue reading Reframing and Morality

Communicating our values part 1-3

More recently, I have understood something about myself and about current discourse that I really want to discuss. Group dynamics and how people communicate are important ideas to me, not just for myself, but for the world at large. The more ways to communicate we have, the less we seem to understand one another. It is quite remarkable how, in my lifetime, I have seen both pre internet and the internet era and how different that is. But this isn’t about digital communication for me. This is about reaching people and actually communicating. Communicating doesn’t just involve being able to … Continue reading Communicating our values part 1-3

Part 3: The Right Wing

Much of the problems of discourse I believe comes from a fundamental misunderstanding between the right and left. However, I do believe the right understands the left and the center much better than the left understands the right. I say this while there is a plethora of literature critiquing and chronicling the rise of the right since the 70’s. There is so much information out there and it is comforting to the liberal sensibilities and to those who seek to understand their opponents. However, the answer as the core of the misunderstanding is possibly the most simple out of all. … Continue reading Part 3: The Right Wing

Leftist Strategy

One of the oldest strategies in warfare is divide and conquer. Why has this infamous strategy worked so many times despite being so well known? Well because human beings are fairly easy to divide on things that are important to them. You can divide people by denying them what they need to live. You can divide people by somehow convincing two allies that there is a reason that one side cannot trust the other. It is so easy to do if you have the reach and the ability. It is also the best long term strategy to cause your opponent … Continue reading Leftist Strategy


Even before the Trump era, it wasn’t easy being me. I was always quite annoyed at how much the world seemed to not value the same things I did. I understand that, the last thing I said, was very hyperbolic and childish. However, I do wish we, as human beings, could be more empathetic towards each other. In fact, it seems to me that there are too many systems at work that reinforce hateful ideas and behaviors. Capitalism is one that encourages us to not worry about other people and simply look out only for ourselves. It also creates more … Continue reading Empathy

Conservatives don’t value free speech

Citizens United was an infamous Supreme Court decision for those on the left. Money in politics is an issue that has created a vast gulf between what the voters want and what actually is legislated by their elected representatives. There are so many articles and books on this that at this point it seems silly to belabor the point but it still needs to be said. What does this have to do with free speech? Well conservatives use free speech as a weapon in order to spread their ideas. They appeal to the liberal’s love of wordplay and the idea … Continue reading Conservatives don’t value free speech