Knock Knock: Disappointing Pizza

I am a fan of Eli Roth, and I was looking forward to seeing Knock Knock. I admit as a young man, the attractive females were a part of the reason I wanted to see the film. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot recognize a good film. Eli Roth however, is a hit or miss kind of guy, in my opinion. I really enjoyed Cabin Fever and thought it was easily his best film I’ve seen that he has directed. I even sort of enjoyed Aftershock, as it was tense and a fast moving ride. I don’t hate dark … Continue reading Knock Knock: Disappointing Pizza

Anime Suggestions

Recently I have been on an anime kick and I have been enjoying it immensely. I’ve always really enjoy anime and manga but my taste has always been extremely basic. This is why I have had so much fun discovering new ones and finding out some new favorites. Here are a few suggestions to help you find new good shows. If you like shows like Naruto, or Dragon Ball, try My Hero Academia. This is perfect for the superhero buff too, as it is a take on the superhero genre from the East. This is fairly standard shonen fare but … Continue reading Anime Suggestions

Confrontation and Division in politics

Often there are two conflicting instincts we see portrayed by the media and the monied interests who stand in the way of good policy. One is the sacrosanct belief in open debate and being cordial when discussing important ideas. The other is the very real need for actual conflict and confrontation to actually move policy forward. The myth of full unity in a country is, very seductive but it is still a myth. The idea that everyone in a country can believe the same things are be united under a culture, religious, educational, and moral background is very silly. This … Continue reading Confrontation and Division in politics

Culture Wars???

Before I begin I would like to give a shout out to Benjamin Dixon and Anoa Changa who are both excellent voices in these tumultuous times. Both have inspired me and you should totally subscribe to their Youtube channels and podcasts.  Culture wars will have a different impact on you depending on your ideology. If you are right leaning it is a desperate fight to bring back American culture and religious life to what you imagine the 1950’s were like. For those who are more left it is a defense for all the hard fought civil rights earned for marginilized … Continue reading Culture Wars???

Dias de Los Muertos: Miercoles preview

Diego was a big video gamer. All his friends and family were aware of it and dealt with it the best they could. Being the youngest out of four siblings meant that Diego couldn’t rely on getting new clothes or new anything. Both of his parents worked long hours and his grandparents were always around to watch the children. Diego didn’t really get to see his parents that much and while some saw it as a bad thing, he was hardly aware of it. His grandparents were very good to him and were like surrogate parents. His abuelo was the … Continue reading Dias de Los Muertos: Miercoles preview

Fanbases and Fandom

It is a ton of fun to watch videos and read content lampooning things you enjoy. It is fun delving deeper into these franchises that you enjoy very much. But whenever you seek to expand a franchise or adapt it into a different era or format, the intent is partially important. I think many other content creators across many platforms have said this better than I have but I feel that it is worth saying. I believe that Marvel’s success with their Marvel Cinematic Universe is largely about treating the characters and stories with both respect and love. In other … Continue reading Fanbases and Fandom

Skeptics and Rationality as cult

Oh man I am really going to get it from this one. So I am an agnostic atheist and I have noticed that over time I have come to consume many different forms of media in order to educate myself on different political and societal issues. I value rationality but have noticed that there seems to be an excessive amount of rational thinking amongst those who are both on the left and right. This type of rational thinking actually reinforces the status quo. In fact one can almost call it a rationale for the status quo and for how things … Continue reading Skeptics and Rationality as cult