Freedom for whom

I just wrote a quick blog post on the ideas of negative freedom and positive freedom. But a far simpler way of describing these differences is asking who is it that we want freedom for. Now, both left and right will say they want everyone to be free. However, both think the other side doesn’t want freedom. So the question freedom for whom is important. The right believes that the current system of hierarchy and class structures/ societal structures are inherently correct or were correct before today. They believe that any change in that is removing freedom. This of course … Continue reading Freedom for whom

Not mere disagreement: left vs right

Often people are sad that discourse in politics is very heated and often uncivil. Honestly, I don’t know what people expect. Centrists often confuse policy disagreements with mere disagreements over opinions. They think it is as simple as not having the same flavor of ice cream or favorite football team. However, the real differences between right and left are not just mere disagreements. The left and right have value differences and different moral codes. This doesn’t mean you can’t get along people with different value systems at all, but when it comes to things that are intrinsically important to you … Continue reading Not mere disagreement: left vs right

Prospects for a better society

      I felt very miffed when I heard about the arrest of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy. The disgusting persecution of journalists who divulge war crimes is something that makes me deeply uneasy. There are a lot of things that gets my anger flowing freely these days but none more than brazen lying. The idea that the United States is a democracy or even that we have human rights as one of our values, is enraging to me. How dare those of us who make it impossible for most of the world to live fulfilling lives say … Continue reading Prospects for a better society