Social Democracy: A critique

Franklin Delanore Roosevelt’s New Deal was arguably one of the most important pieces of legislation ever put forth by any President. It is seen as the crowning acheivement of the left in the United States. The New Deal was essentially using government to regulate the market and subsidize new jobs in order to stimulate the economy. This type of economics was called Keynesian economics, or demand side economics. The central idea was that if the consumer wasn’t able to increase demand due to lack of spending power, everyone loses. Capitalism requires consumption and constant growth. Profit is the central idea … Continue reading Social Democracy: A critique

Capitalism in Context

Author’s note: This is my first article in a while and due to depression it has been difficult to get myself to write. However, today I will be writing something I have wanted to for quite a while. I hope you enjoy this article and I will be publishing a list of further readings in case you like the ideas and history being discussed. Socioeconomic systems are not static and despite the efforts of intellectuals, pundits, and professor’s attempts to define systems such as capitalism, socialism and fascism, it is very difficult to get a static definition. I hate to … Continue reading Capitalism in Context

Primal Fear: Losing Platforms

I have written a lot on here about free speech and the issues with platforming and now I will bring it full circle to something far more subjective and theoretical. For the recordĀ  I believe these things to be objectively true before we start: Platforms are useful because getting important information out there sometimes requires a trustworthy source with a long reach. People who are public speakers and newspeople do rely on this for a living so advertisers are a major factor The amount of money available to conservative speakers is far greater than for actual leftists. After the repeal … Continue reading Primal Fear: Losing Platforms

Social Democracy: a Critique

Right now, social democracy is being talked about seriously again for the first time since the Great Depression. The social democratic new Deal was put into effect by the Roosevelt administration in order to mitigate the worst effects of the Great Depression and to ward off the threats of both socialism and fascism. Social Democracy is a system based on a mixed economy and a strong welfare state. It allows government intervention in order to protect citizens from the excesses of capitalism. FDR saved capitalism from collapse but I do not think Social Democracy is a good long term solution. … Continue reading Social Democracy: a Critique

Conservatives don’t value free speech

Citizens United was an infamous Supreme Court decision for those on the left. Money in politics is an issue that has created a vast gulf between what the voters want and what actually is legislated by their elected representatives. There are so many articles and books on this that at this point it seems silly to belabor the point but it still needs to be said. What does this have to do with free speech? Well conservatives use free speech as a weapon in order to spread their ideas. They appeal to the liberal’s love of wordplay and the idea … Continue reading Conservatives don’t value free speech