Donkey Kong and Lefties

I am so jealous that Hbomberguy and Ash Sakar got to do an interview together. These two are some of favorite people and I admit I am super jealous they got to hang out. I feel these two people are important messengers for the message of the true left. Hbomberguy is one of the best Youtube personalities out there. I discovered him when I was starting to get sick and tired of the Sargon of Akkads and people who seemed to rant about social justice warriors too much. Even when I was a supporter of people like TJ Kirk (The … Continue reading Donkey Kong and Lefties

Skeptics and Rationality as cult

Oh man I am really going to get it from this one. So I am an agnostic atheist and I have noticed that over time I have come to consume many different forms of media in order to educate myself on different political and societal issues. I value rationality but have noticed that there seems to be an excessive amount of rational thinking amongst those who are both on the left and right. This type of rational thinking actually reinforces the status quo. In fact one can almost call it a rationale for the status quo and for how things … Continue reading Skeptics and Rationality as cult